Between Mountains and Stars – Mark Torgeson

Between Mountains & Stars
An exploration of the primal and spiritual aspects of human nature. Listening to the whole album takes one through a sparkling process of self discovery, and a deepening understanding of the relationship between earth and the heavens.

Album Notes
The themes of humankind´s grounding in nature; the continuous search for our place in the cosmos; and the innate pull towards personal evolution predominate this music. Mark´s intent has always been to create an expression which incites the human spirit toward greater wholeness and transformation – a form designed to invoke inner change which mirrors the vast planetary shifts of the new millennium.

The intent of this work is Self Transformation through the use of music and vibrational frequency. At this time of mass Global Shifting, every avenue of shifting one´s frequencies to higher states is called for, and Mark´s activities and music have this mission at its core.

Mark’s first album, Between Mountains and Stars, is the result of closely observing the type of music which works best when people are in states of deep repose. In Mountains Mark merged his love for orchestration with the sonic palette of electronic instruments, creating a synergistic form which sets the stage for the listener to experience states of deep relaxation and activate innate healing abilities.

1. When and Where
2. Spirit’s Descent
3. Light Rain
4. Fields of Snow
5. Astral Passage
6. MaidenSpace
7. 21 Days
8. Earth Pipes
9. Between Mountains and Stars

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