Join members of Sacred Sound Immersion in two hours of deep inward travel, 

touching hidden aspects of self where wellsprings of joy and expansion well up in one's awareness.

The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:

1). Heal Our Planet
2). Heal Our Waters
3). Raise Our Consciousness

Sacred Sound Immersion

Dina Baker - light language vocals 

Therese Reiff - angel harp, crystal pyramid, log drum, thunder gourd 

Mark Torgeson - keys, didgeridoo, shakuhachi


00:01 Graceful Ascendance

07:06 Serenade of Light

12:58 Harmony's Embrace

26:23 Spark of Creation (Element of Fire)

37:04 Crystallis - Music for Children

56:02 Joyous Dance

59:23 Tranquil Echoes

1:05:42 Dreams Unfolding

Since the beginning of time Sound has been used to shift consciousness. Vast expansive realms have been explored and embraced. Huge emotions have been faced and released. Past lives have been explored. Power animals have been met and internalized. Without saying a word the potent power of frequency and intentional sound has shifted groups into alignment with one’s deeper purpose, nature and the cosmos. Connecting with ones deepest roots, star tribe, the elements and elementals, the angels….these are but a few of the realms opened up and accessed through sound and sacred music. Allowing one’s mind and spirit drift and soar with sounds specifically created to help one connect with one’s higher purpose is the quickest way to freedom and expansion. 



Mark Torgeson…has been playing with sound since forever. He is a practicing Reiki Master of 30 years and a musician of 45 years. He has produced over 50 albums of transformational music and sound which have aired on all continents. He teaches Sound Healing workshops, conducts concerts of transformational music, and has cofounded Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance for raising awareness of vibrational healing. His favorite pastime is sitting by the stream playing his flute and annoying the birds.

Therese Reiff…is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher,  Sound Healer,  Herbal Educator and Flower Essence Therapy Consultant.  She is a graduate of  The Herbal Foundation Apprenticeship through Sacred Plant Traditions and has participated in intensive workshops with some of the country’s leading herbalists.   She studied Flower Essence Therapy through the Flower Essence Society and is a certified Teacher of Sound Healing through Global Centers for Planetary Awakening. Therese brings together her love and connection to plants, with the added energy of  Reiki  and sound vibration to help facilitate wellness on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  She loves sharing her knowledge of plant connection and the sacredness of medicine making with others.

Dina Baker…is a practitioner of Sacred Sound, a compassionate Intuitive Vocalist & Singer and Emotion Code Certified Practitioner, often lovingly referred to as “Vocal Mystic Mama”.   Dina helps transform disruptive energies within their body and field. She guides them in opening their heart space to embrace a restorative rhythm filled with love and light, facilitating a deeper connection to Source. This empowers individuals to lead a harmonious life filled with purpose and inner peace.   Dina is happily married to her supportive husband, has a talented daughter and a hairless dog that keeps them laughing. Apart from singing, she finds joy in watching sunrises, taking nature walks and searching for seashells during family beach visits


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"February 14, 2024 is the 22nd Annual World Sound Healing Day. On this day, many thousands of people through our planet will be creating Healing Sounds encoded with the intention of Love & Compassion to send a sonic valentine to the Gaia Matrix, our beloved Mother Earth, with the intention of raising the consciousness of all sentient beings." 

- Jonathan and Andi Goldman, founders of World Sound Healing Day

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