Voice, Instrumentals, Events

Mark has been performing, recording and creating music for transfromational venues for 35 years. He loves recording audio and video for events, individual or small ensemble instrumentals.  Contact him with your project.

Energywork - Private Session
  • Energywork - Private Session
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Need help with an issue that is energetically based, or need a boost to your next higher level of being and doing? Mark is a Reiki Master and has practiced energetic and vibrational healing for 30 years. Schedule a one hour session

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Sound Healing - Individual Session
  • Sound Healing - Individual Session
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Sometimes the vibrational power of pure tone experienced in a setting with just yourself and a practitioner is the ticket to resetting and realigning your energy system. In this session Mark can make use of the entire orchestra of sound healing instruments: sacred flutes, crystal and Tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, didgeridoo, shakers and rattles, tuning forks. Set up a session today. 1.5 hours

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  • Consultation
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Questions? Ask Mark about any of the following topics: Music Production; Sound Healing; Transformation through Sound; Energetic Healing; Instrumental Performance; Instrumental Selection. 30 minute consultation via phone or Skype.

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