Practicing, Understanding, Excelling, Mastering!

Part Two of Three Trainings leading to Certification. Part One is not needed  to take this class, and there is no obligation to take further classes; this stands alone in its subject matter.

Bridge Between the Worlds Wellness Center

Keswick, Virginia

Oct 22 - 26, 2024


What Will We Learn In This Training?

This will be a strong immersion into learning to use Tuning Forks with the Traditional Chinese Meridian System, the energy of the physical which has been used for thousands of years to maintain harmony and correct imbalances.  Sound is a perfect medium for focusing one's natural healing abilities in a manner which by the nature of sound does not have to be as specific as acupunture needles or physical palpation. The pure tone of Tuning Forks has become very strong in the New Earth Energies, and can be a potent force of healing and transformation.  In addition we will explore other aspect of the Voice with the Chakras, Finding One's Note, Sacred Geometry and Music Theory for Sound Healers.

What Will Be Covered:

  • Chinese 24 Hour Body Clock
  • Traditional Chinese Meridians and Sound: a natural and easy method of balancing the body and emotions
  • Huatu Jiaji Points: points along the spine which give a full body treatment
  • Hara Diagnosis (Center point of balance in the body where all meridians converge: an Intuitive Process)
  • Why Sound is an easy and perfect way of treating imbalances
  • Why tuning forks have become a powerful force in working with the 12 meridians
  • Working with weighted and regular tuning forks, and Tibetan Bowls, on the body and above
  • Eastern Indian Vowel Sounds and the Energy Centers
  • Finding your sound; Use of the Voice for Centering
  • Chakra Sequence, notes and Vowel Sounds
  • Music Theory for Sound Healers II
  • Why the Platonic Solids / Element Frequencies are important to balance the energy system
  • The sound of all Five Elements on Angel Harp and in music
  • The Monochord as an instrument of Centering
  • Lots of tablework to get these principles under your hands!
  • The Business of Sound Healing

Benefits of Sound Healing.... 

  • Physiological Rewiring
  • Recalibrates Crystalline Physiology 
  • Dissolves Dimensional Barriers 
  • Invokes Interdimensional Travel 
  • Entrains Alpha & Theta States 
  • Past Life Regression 
  • Power Animal Recognition 
  • Invokes Higher Sense Perception 
  • Enhances Intuition
  • Removes Frequency Pollution
  • Halts Mind Chatter
  • Places the physiology in Zero Point


Meridian Activation Times

Learn Maximum & Minimum Energies

A Quick Way to Determine What is Going On With Your Body's Energy

Hara Diagnosis

Using the Central Balancing Area access, palpate and discern those areas of the body which have excess energy - Jitsu - or depleted energy - Kyo. From there one goes to the Meridians needing treatment.

Learn How Energy Flows in the 12 Principal Meridians and Two Central Meridians

Huatu Jiaji Points

Simple Full Body Treatment

...using Tuning Forks, these points are easy to treat and give a full body tune -up

Foundations Training Interview: Sunny and Mark

Foundations Graduates