Harps for Angels

Quality Vintage Musical Instruments - for Angels!

Angel Harps are musical instruments that harken from the zither family of stringed instruments which are tuned to an open (single chord) harmony. They may be restored and repurposed autoharps or zithers chosen for their beauty and craftsmanship; or they may be made specifically created for open tuning. They are conceived  to be more like their historical predecessors, the zither and lyre, and as such do not have chord bars found on autoharps. These instruments have been used for thousands of years in cultures throughout the world, and their soothing sonorities have helped to balance and stabilize the human energy system in times of trial and tribulation. Harps for Angels found on this website are specifically tuned to have a healing effect using frequencies derived from sacred geometry of the Platonic Solids. There are only five geometries that fit into this category, and they represent the Five Elements including ether. They are the building blocks of the universe, informing us of the Original Intent. Listening to and feeling the vibration of these frequencies will entrain one to the purity and perfection of Creation itself!

And what exactly is this sacred tuning? They are the angles, faces and vertices of the three dimensional Platonic Solids which sum to numbers mapping one-to-one to the frequencies of  sound and music. The strings of the harps are tuned to these frequencies and create the perfect instrument for transmitting these vibrational frequencies. Harps are not tuned to a standard tuning, but to the specific frequencies of Sacred Geometry. As each harp has a vibrational correlation to a specific Element, listening and playing these instruments tune and align one to the Elements, building blocks of the cosmos.
Performance requirements are minimal: you simply strum your fingers or a pick across the strings and make a celestial sound! There are no wrong notes. And with a Good Attitude, you can make anyone feel instantly at ease with these lovely instruments - a gift from the Heavens!

Harps are tuned to one of the Five Elements: Earth, Air, Fire Water Ether; plut the Lotus of Life tuning, which fits in perfectly with the Elements angles and frequencies Chord charts are available so you can perform your own tuning. With minimum effort you will be creating celestial glissandos aligned with the heavens and harmony of the spheres!

Harp Tuning Tutorial