New Earth Matrix Podcast

The Earth is changing on all levels: geological, political, astrological and energetically. How does one place all this into perspective? Join Carol as she speaks on Shifts in Consciousness, Star Races and Highest Probabilities; and Mark as he shares music vibrationally attuned to this new matrix. Here you will find tools and insights that will help you best prepare for these cosmic changes, the Adventure of a Liftetime!

Carol Fitzpatrick

"We are One and You are so deeply Loved" are messages that continue to flow through all the communications Carol receives from higher realm beings and through the wisdom that emanates from direct knowing. 

 It is Carol's role as a Seer and empathic intuitive guide that brings her the greatest joy. She communicates with higher realm beings who  gracefully guide her through inter-dimensions and time-space continuums for accessing soul-level awareness. 

Since 2003, she has been sharing the joy of this deeper awareness with others. She mentors and guides individuals and groups in their quest to develop the more subtle nuances of intuitive knowing, to learn how to trust the heart-soul connection that guides them into higher states of consciousness. Workshops, Sacred Circles and Retreats reinforce the learning.   


Mark Torgeson

Mark has been playing music since forever. He has produced a body of music designed to both calm and energetically incite the human spirit toward more expanded states of awareness. He says, “I’ve never desired to create simply beautiful music, but a form which will intrinsically be of use to others. The most important use of music today, as I see it, is as a tool for healing and transformation. We are at the brink of a major evolution of consciousness, and we need all the tools we have to help ourselves keep pace with the changes. "

Getting Your Expression Out There  

Everyone is a wizard at something. You have mastered some subject, theme, discipline, and you know you're good at it.


Now, to share it with the world!


Sometimes we want to share because, like the birds that sing in the morning, we just can't help ourselves.


So let's together explore the different ways of sharing our talent. For money, for service, for fun - It's All Good!


Call Me and we'll talk. Looking forward to it.