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New Years 2017 at Sivananda Ashram Bahamas 

Carol Fitzpatrick, my wife, was invited to speak at the Unity in Diversity symposium in December – this was our final day at the ashram and a lovely way to cap off the year!

My most favorite New Years to date – an Agnahotra Fire Ceremony by Tantric Priest Krishnan Namboodiri with music by Guara Vani at Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas – with dancing yogis and yoginis!



Carol Fitzpatrick:

Video: Mark Torgeson

Activating Light Codes – Mark Torgeson 

Music from the event Activating Light Codes, facilitated by Carol Fitzpatrick with music alchemy by Mark Torgeson. Frequency 532, the new earth grid frequency, is used throughout this recording. Use this to fully activate DNA and dormant codes within to awaken to one’s fullest aspect; for centering; balancing the human energy system; meditation: and integrating the New Earth Energies.  72:01 minutes

This album is ambient with lush orchestral pads and rich pianistic weavings, creating a tapestry both classical and new age, designed to awaken light codes in the human energy system.
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CloudBurst – Mark Torgeson 

A fusion of classical, jazz, new age and world, this album features the piano work of Torgeson couched in a lovely tapestry of orchestral and synthesizer sonorities.

Album Notes
CloudBurst – A Joyous Celebration of Earth, Sea and Sky

CLOUDBURST, title track. There is a lot of joy in this song, a jubilant expansive dance amongst the clouds. This began as a fairly structured piano piece, through-composed as contrasted to my usual improvisatory style. Because of this structure it was easier to bring in the “rest of the orchestra” – strings, woodwinds, brasses, etc… It was meant to sound like a short piano concerto, with the piano blending in but always the predominant solo instrument. The instruments and motifs intertwine with one another, not always directly mimicking, but often discovering ways of playing their counter melodies without losing track of the focus of the piece.

MERMAIDS depicts the sea and wondrous spirit voices which lure the unwary to their languorous destiny beneath the waves. It has a sparkling quality which is reminiscent of the sun playing with ripples in the waves and sending its patterns into the depths below.

BLESSING This song explores how adversity creates strength of character and soul. I penciled in the first two measures, playing with the harmonic rhythm for two hours before being satisfied. And, from that small seed of an idea flowered the rest of the song…

APPARITIONS One is reminded of the ethereal and wispy nature of unseen worlds which surround us. The name is derived from the central section, a soliloquy of sorts, which has a simple structure over which I freely improvise.

HEARTSONG with its slow and nurturing quality this song hently awakens the heart to expectation, wonder and delight.

ALBATROSS This sea bird’s graceful soaring above ocean swells gift this song its name. It spontaneously presented itself in the studio as a free improvisation.

ISLAND MAGIC I had the most fun with the steel drums here, which inspired the title. It is a composite of many styles: jazz, new age, classical, calypso. The central section has polyrhythms couched within a percussive bed of instruments, lending a sense of time to contrast the free-flowing nature of the other sections.

DEEPENING Is it deep space,deep sea or deep Self? Here one finds a feeling of weightlessness and expansion which both sea and space contain, with a sense of delving far into the recesses of the mind – or perhaps the no-mind – the first and last frontier.

NEPTUNE RISING a piano piece in 7/8 time, a time signature which incites a strong sense of movement, drive and power – attributes of this sea god.

SEA SWEPT Crashing waves and the swelling motion of deep ocean can be felt here. A contemplative jazz core comprises the middle section.

AFTER THE RAIN is the recapitulation of the title track, starting gently and building suddenly like a storm to its short but dramatic conclusion.

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Sacred Flutes – Mark Torgeson 

Native American cedar flute and Japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute performed in sacred sites interspersed with natural sounds of birds, stream, crickets and fire create an ambience of serenity for meditation and centering. 50:41 minutes

Track List:
1. Flathead Lake Meditation
2. Appalachian Stream
3. Emerald Lake Meditation
4. Appalachian Birds
5. Earth Prayer
6. Mountain Birdsong
7. Appalachian Mountain Flute Song
8. Fire and Crickets
9. Bamboo Meditation
10. Shenandoah Birdsong
11. Calling the Ancestors
12. Into the Portal
13. Spirits of Wind
14. Wind Chimes
15. Zen Breath
16. To the Fairies

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A Lightwalker Bio 

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.01.17 AM

Carol Fitzpatrick, Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, Montana

My wife asked me to review a bio she had written for submission to a conference and, as usual, I felt it gave a cursory view of what she has done, but fell way short of who she actually is.

“Let me write a bio for you,” I said.

Since she didn’t think my version even closely resembles a bio she could use as a professional submission, I thought it appropriate to share with you what I see. So here it is. – Mark

Who is Carol Fitzpatrick?

She is a Light Ray
from vast dimensions too distant and too near
to adequately reckon with
or hope to understand.

She has come to this reality
born out of a compassionate desire
to help those who have lost their way
in the perplexing quagmire
of this third dimensional dream;

and to bring into being a New Earth,
bursting with promise and Unknowable Splendors.

She has also come to plant
a rarified frequency of light into the planet
which will help propel it and all its denizens
into Unimaginable Grace.

She is a Child of this Grace,
a star being of highest status.
And yet she possesses an undying humility,
so apparent in all that cross her path,
and have come to love her.

Carol has a yearning to serve others and the whole,
and chooses this over her own welfare.
She plays at being human and fearful of life’s mortality,
but has in actuality died ten thousand deaths
and rebirthed as many incarnations,
and knows intrinsically
the undying nature of evolution
and the fluidity of existence.

She is a channel of channels,
a walking breathing Oracle of the cosmos,
here to shed light,
wisdom and clarity
to a dying population –
and to a birthing one!

She has a decided penchant for the Truth,
even though a compromised energy physiology
sometimes allows her to question and behave
as though separate from it.

She comes from a star lineage steeped
in the principle of Unconditional Love;
and her steppings evince a singular quality of Light Quotient
which is uncompromisingly new and fragile to this planet.

She has come to aid us all by acknowledging
and acting out the easiest and most difficult role
ever given a lightwalker:

Being Herself.
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Between Mountains and Stars – Mark Torgeson 

Between Mountains & Stars
An exploration of the primal and spiritual aspects of human nature. Listening to the whole album takes one through a sparkling process of self discovery, and a deepening understanding of the relationship between earth and the heavens.

Album Notes
The themes of humankind´s grounding in nature; the continuous search for our place in the cosmos; and the innate pull towards personal evolution predominate this music. Mark´s intent has always been to create an expression which incites the human spirit toward greater wholeness and transformation – a form designed to invoke inner change which mirrors the vast planetary shifts of the new millennium.

The intent of this work is Self Transformation through the use of music and vibrational frequency. At this time of mass Global Shifting, every avenue of shifting one´s frequencies to higher states is called for, and Mark´s activities and music have this mission at its core.

Mark’s first album, Between Mountains and Stars, is the result of closely observing the type of music which works best when people are in states of deep repose. In Mountains Mark merged his love for orchestration with the sonic palette of electronic instruments, creating a synergistic form which sets the stage for the listener to experience states of deep relaxation and activate innate healing abilities.

1. When and Where
2. Spirit’s Descent
3. Light Rain
4. Fields of Snow
5. Astral Passage
6. MaidenSpace
7. 21 Days
8. Earth Pipes
9. Between Mountains and Stars

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Archangel Michael Song 

Here is a musical piece commissioned by Archangel Michael featuring the sacred geometry of an isosceles triangle with two sides = 3 and the third side = 5. This equates to a time signature of 3+3+5 = 11/4. Flute by Hayat Bain, piano by Mark Torgeson. Filmed at Archangel Michael’s retreat in Alberta, Lake Louise.