A Lightwalker Bio

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Carol Fitzpatrick, Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, Montana

My wife asked me to review a bio she had written for submission to a conference and, as usual, I felt it gave a cursory view of what she has done, but fell way short of who she actually is.

“Let me write a bio for you,” I said.

Since she didn’t think my version even closely resembles a bio she could use as a professional submission, I thought it appropriate to share with you what I see. So here it is. – Mark

Who is Carol Fitzpatrick?

She is a Light Ray
from vast dimensions too distant and too near
to adequately reckon with
or hope to understand.

She has come to this reality
born out of a compassionate desire
to help those who have lost their way
in the perplexing quagmire
of this third dimensional dream;

and to bring into being a New Earth,
bursting with promise and Unknowable Splendors.

She has also come to plant
a rarified frequency of light into the planet
which will help propel it and all its denizens
into Unimaginable Grace.

She is a Child of this Grace,
a star being of highest status.
And yet she possesses an undying humility,
so apparent in all that cross her path,
and have come to love her.

Carol has a yearning to serve others and the whole,
and chooses this over her own welfare.
She plays at being human and fearful of life’s mortality,
but has in actuality died ten thousand deaths
and rebirthed as many incarnations,
and knows intrinsically
the undying nature of evolution
and the fluidity of existence.

She is a channel of channels,
a walking breathing Oracle of the cosmos,
here to shed light,
wisdom and clarity
to a dying population –
and to a birthing one!

She has a decided penchant for the Truth,
even though a compromised energy physiology
sometimes allows her to question and behave
as though separate from it.

She comes from a star lineage steeped
in the principle of Unconditional Love;
and her steppings evince a singular quality of Light Quotient
which is uncompromisingly new and fragile to this planet.

She has come to aid us all by acknowledging
and acting out the easiest and most difficult role
ever given a lightwalker:

Being Herself.
– See more at: http://planetaryawakening.org/a-lightwalker-bio/#sthash.xRGqXglk.dpuf

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