New Years 2017 at Sivananda Ashram Bahamas

Carol Fitzpatrick, my wife, was invited to speak at the Unity in Diversity symposium in December – this was our final day at the ashram and a lovely way to cap off the year!

My most favorite New Years to…


Activating Light Codes – Mark Torgeson

Music from the event Activating Light Codes, facilitated by Carol Fitzpatrick with music alchemy by Mark Torgeson. Frequency 532, the new earth grid frequency, is used throughout this recording. Use this to fully activate DNA and dormant codes within…


CloudBurst – Mark Torgeson

A fusion of classical, jazz, new age and world, this album features the piano work of Torgeson couched in a lovely tapestry of orchestral and synthesizer sonorities.

Album Notes
CloudBurst – A Joyous Celebration of Earth, Sea and Sky



Sacred Flutes – Mark Torgeson

Native American cedar flute and Japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute performed in sacred sites interspersed with natural sounds of birds, stream, crickets and fire create an ambience of serenity for meditation and centering. 50:41 minutes

Track List:
1. Flathead Lake Meditation…


A Lightwalker Bio

Carol Fitzpatrick, Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, Montana

My wife asked me to review a bio she had written for submission to a conference and, as usual, I felt it gave a cursory view of what she has done, but…


Between Mountains and Stars – Mark Torgeson

Between Mountains & Stars
An exploration of the primal and spiritual aspects of human nature. Listening to the whole album takes one through a sparkling process of self discovery, and a deepening understanding of the relationship between earth and the…


Archangel Michael Song

Here is a musical piece commissioned by Archangel Michael featuring the sacred geometry of an isosceles triangle with two sides = 3 and the third side = 5. This equates to a time signature of 3+3+5 = 11/4. Flute by…


Archangel Michael Toning

Here is a musical piece featuring vocal toning commissioned by Archangel Michael.