How Do I Listen?

I shut my eyes and travel. I will pull out and focus on a motif, a simple note, maybe two, perhaps a repetition, perhaps one that is accented, and then elaborated on.

And then it gets beyond the notes. It’s the vibration which comes through the notes. And then entering the Oneness.  Being the witness.  Flowing, flowing with the music. 

It is an active participation, active listening.  Opening, reveling in the turns of the music, the surprises and variations. 

There are grooves cut into the brain, imprints which allow one to process the music – a particular kind of music – and understand it in a very meaningful way. Dancers do this with great faculty, especially tuning into the rhythm and timing of a piece.  But to be able to follow the nuances of music – to be led to where it takes you – requires active listening.

Traveling into the one note…is like traveling into the Silence.  The deepening which happens when one enters into the Silence of the One-Note is the same silence one enters when listening to a whole song which has at its intentionality Oneness. One may explore the traversings of Awareness in the stillness and nonmoving quality of a single tone as well as the ever-fluctuant changes of an energizing song.




Activation of what?  The Highest Aspects of Self.  We speak of the awakening of the Light Body or the activation of the twelve strands of DNA.  But at its most essential level it just means we are becoming more of who we are.  Not something different.  More of the same aspects which we see glimpses of in our most exalted states.  So when we make these shifts, reconnect the energetic strands, we are actually welcoming a long lost friend – so familiar, and such a joyous reunion. 

We are in that state of intense focus, listening, deeply with awareness and feeling beyond the mind, we are one with the music and in those moments identify with the essence of unity within the expression, within the music. 

But simultaneously there is an activation, a reconnection, a remembering of who we are, which can shift us permanently into a more expanded state of being.  We bring this back with us as a transformation. 

The act of becoming one with the music is the action of becoming One with OneSelf, and becoming one with the world.  It is a doorway to bliss and Unity.  And witnessing it that way coupled with the intention of entering that Oneness will achieve even stronger transformation.

The rains have passed, wind is gently shaking the leaves of moisture, and sun shares its beneficence with the upturned branches, like a parent bird feeding its fledgelings.  Nature, in these movements, constantly balances itself, and in its continual movement towards balance exists in Oneness.  There is no difference between this movement and the Stillness of Oneness. There is no difference between the sun and the branches, the fledgelings or their parents.

My visualization to focus energy is as follows: I open my crown chakra to a funnel or column of light which descends and fills my body.  This is then channeled through my hands.  The energy may come from any number of different dimensions, such from the Intergalactic Council of Twelve, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, the Great Composers. What calls this energy forward is the intention.

The clarity of the transmission has to do with the clarity inherent in one’s own self.  What seems to be of lesser importance in the actual “style” or genre of expression – whether that be new age, jazz, classical, or world music.  The singular expression is dependent on the creator’s preference of style and mannerism, and his ability to use this as a springboard of creation, then step out of the way. 

The actual encodement of the music happens depending upon the intention of the creator and the level or depth to which he is able to maintain the state of altered consciousness.  This is a most crucial piece, one in which, in the past, took years and years of training in meditation or other arts/disciplines where one’s attention was singularly focused.  This seems to be less and less the case today. where the time lapse between idea and creation is vastly diminishing, and when children are being born who claim as their birthright the ability of healing and mind-over-matter manipulations.

The ability to aptly and persuasively create music at a high level of expression and complexity has as its roots the tenacity and devotion not only of many years, but probably many lifetimes as well.  I have traced several of my musical lifetimes as follows:  flute player/dancer /drummer in the Andes; head of music/toning in monastery; pianist whose career was cut short by the Nazis during the holocaust. This lifetime my purpose for music creation is directly tied with my spiritual learning, as I have not been interested in creating pretty or beautiful music for its own sake, but for the purpose of evolving spiritually; for the purpose of expressing the god nature within.

As a teenager and student I would always take a flute with me on my camping excursions. Perched on top of a mountain, it was not unusual to begin playing and then be joined by birds, who either would glide by listening to the tones of the flute or actually chirp in and add their aviary counterpoint. There was a real communication there, a give and take improvisation where both parties were enjoying the other’s company.

The music designed for transformation lulls one into a reverie, puts the mind at rest, placates it, at the same time acting as a carrier frequency of the encoded information. 

And what is this information? 

Very often it is a whole story, or history of one race’s earth sojourn – its learnings, joys and tribulations. At other times it may be an “amping up” of one’s own frequency, a re-connection of our DNA strands so that there is more of a “light streaming” from the energy body to the aspects of ourselves located in dimensions of higher, more subtler frequencies. 

A question might be, is all music like this?  No, there is a predilection and pre-birth choosing to carry on this work, for which one takes on specific qualities which enhance the process.  I feel there are people who conduct energy this way but are not aware of what they are doing. And this may certainly be of a high frequency and high quality despite the unconscious manner of transference. Much fine and helpful expression has been created in this manner.

Why music for spirituality? 

Music is transportive, it takes one to vast inner landscapes, very often in an exalted manner.  It has the ability to turn off or shut down – or bypass – the mind.  This is significant because the mind is not only full of chatter, but by its nature it is protective of the self, the little self, thus fear-based.  It is also steeped in the third dimensional material reality and unable to transcend into higher frequencies of being.  One has to “drop the mind” in order to meditate or enter vibrationally higher altered states.

The saying “the mind is a good thing to lose” contains a very important truth, although it is a half-truth. It is also true, that the mind is a good thing to find – ask any Alzheimer’s patient!

 Everything needs balance.

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