The Cabin, 1212 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg VA 22401

This will usher in the New Year. Buckle Up! Three Days of Learning and Immersion. Events & Retreats are for Frequency Activations, Spiritual Awakening and Amplifying Oneness in Community

Transformational Spiritual Workshops and Retreats

Your heart may be inwardly prompted to fulfill your life's purpose but how do you recognize the signs? How do you make the transition from here to there? How can you trust the heart of who you are when the mind is telling you something quite different? You yearn to fulfill your life's purpose, but how?

The answer is found in your very essence. You are pure light, a being of light expressing as human. This very knowing requires a clear understanding of your true nature and your courage to follow your heart.

Retreats provide you with a direct experience of your essence, an experience of what it feels like to go home without having to leave the body. It's about oneness. If you can experience your true north sense of home then you can trust the knowing that comes with the inner promptings of the heart. Inside the context of the sacred space, once co-created, you'll gain the confidence and the tools to manifest all that you desire. It's a life-altering remembering on how to your heart long after we have parted company.

Everything we do is done in sacred circle and guided by spirit.

Once we begin this deep immersion experience, we hold the energy of purity of heart within us, and allow ourselves to flow with the openings that occur, and the healing that presents itself for supporting healing and transformation. Join us for a remarkable, life altering time together as we form light community.


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