The Creation Process in Music

I begin by consciously connecting to my source of inspiration, which I call the Core of Creation. I place my hands on the keys and am in an immediate state of surrender, anticipation and wonderment.

 Each note has an identity of its own and is spotlighted for its brief moment of fame before surrendering its luminescence to the next note in the now moment; but each note is also in relationship to the preceding and subsequent notes, which are in relationship to the whole.

There is an understanding and communication between the notes which are not unlike the leaves of a tree – they are all in cooperation and perfect harmony / alignment with the purpose of the tree. The uppermost leaves may receive more sunlight, and be so seemingly showcased; but there is no heirarchy because they are no more, no less significant to the overall plan of beneficience for the tree.

Each note is similar to this. Each note becomes part of the germ of an idea, a motif; each motif may be joined to another to create a phrase; and each phrase may likewise join to create a broader statement or movement.  

Any number of notes, from one to many, parades itself in the theatre of the present moment and each subsequent note or series of notes is a reaction and variation of its predacessor.

Even if it is a re-statement or replication of the preceding, because of its place in time its statement is different and thus it is a statement standing on its own footing, a statement which more fully gets the point across; it emphasizes.

Each motif is an entity, and has a life of its own. It is comprised of a vibration which reverbrates through many dimensions and makes its mark in manners beyond our conscious knowing and understanding.

A motif, a single note or song, leaves our auditory awareness but continues its vibrational journey and pops up in another dimension as a flower, a fish, cloud or some other ethereal creation and continues its existence.

There is a march toward organic unfolding in the process of life/creation expressing itself. Life, throught statement in music, proclaims itself. 

We are Creators and our creations take on their own life and continue to spin and vibrate and manifest creatively in numberless subtle worlds. We can follow these, our progeny, to their respective worlds if we wish. Or we can continue creating.

It is our predilection to create. For we are made in the image of our creator and follow the impetus to manifest anew.

And our progeny, whether flesh or idea, will continue to spawn their creations.

I am not solely a musician, but a creator. These words, as creations, affect others and alter the world, whch is then reflected back to me.

I look at my body of creations and say, “this is me,” and bask in that wonderment. This Reflective Pause of accomplishement is crucial.

And then the process of creation starts afresh…

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