Login Area

The Login Area is a subscription based part of the website where you may sign in and download music.

The subscription lasts for one year, during which you may enter at any time to retrieve music files.

The cost is $27.00.

In the Login area you will find all 27 Topics for Shifting Global Consciousness.

Each Topic averages approximately 20 minutes playing time, although you will find them ranging from 14 to 28 minutes.

Each Topic is divided into tracks, usually between 5 and 10.

The Topics are downloaded to your computer via a .zip file, which will automatically open and give you access to the the tracks. .

These files are in MP3 file format, so you may load it into your favorite MP3 burner (such as iTunes) and create albums.

Or you may choose to simply let them reside on your hard drive.

You may also purchase these separately as downloadable MP3 files from the Topics page. And some are available as albums on the CD's  page


Enjoy, and email us if you have any questions!  info@planetaryawakening.org