This is the official site of Mark Torgeson.

Mark is a music alchemist, creating music and soundscapes with the intention of shifting and transforming consciousness.

He works with frequencies which align the human energy system to the swiftly changing energetic grid of the earth, so that the new energies can be integrated without harshness. He works with light codes streamed from angelic and devic realms, as well as vibrational matrices gifted from ascended masters and star elders.

He has been a featured artist at new paradigm conferences; has cofacilitated numerous consciousness raising seminars and retreats cross country; has created and taught courses on sound healing; has composed over 50 albums of music for shifting consciousness and transformation; and cofounded the Center for Planetary Awakening for teaching methods of vibrational transformation and remaining in the heart.

A multi-intstrumentalist, Mark performs on piano, synthesizer, native flutes, hand drums and stringed instruments.

On these pages you will find concert information, upcoming events, and Mark's blogs. Please explore, listen to the music, and...


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